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Cover Letters Do and Don’ts

Submitting cover letters that appeal to the interest of the recipient is necessary to gain advantage prior to meeting the employer or interviewer in person. Using the proper words and maintaining the professional look of the letter can definitely help you make a good impression on your communication skills as well as your good personality. Most employers find it very easy to accommodate applications with good cover letters.

Writing a good cover letter is not very difficult especially if you know the interests of the letter’s recipient. You may want to consider several tips for you to be able to deliver your intentions for writing the letter. Here are some of the dos and don’ts of writing a good and efficient cover letter.

Firstly, you should address the letter directly to the name of the recipient, whether he or she is the employer or the designated interviewer for the job. The original copy of the cover letter should be sent to each recipient. When it comes to the style of writing, it is highly advisable to use simple language and ambiguous sentence structure. Eliminating unnecessary words can help make your cover letter comprehensible to the reader. You should also avoid negative words and phrases on your cover letter.

Aside from these guidelines, you should also be aware of what should not do on your cover letter. Avoid using clichés in between your sentences. Most employers do not need these unnecessary information and they consider these pleonasms as waste of reading time. Another important concern about submitting a cover letter is to avoid sending a cover letter with typographical errors, incorrect grammar and misspelled words. Keep your cover letter clean and neatly prepared to create a professional look on your application.

Keeping these guidelines in mind can be very important in job hunting especially with the tight competition in the job market nowadays.

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