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Cover Letter Supervisor

Date: 23 August 2009

Ms. Kendall Collison

Hiring Manager
Lot 8 Boutique6127 Kirby Drive,

Houston, TX 77007

Telephone number: 713.807.1565

Fax number: 713.520.0487

Dear Ms. Collison,

With this cover letter, I am applying for the position you posted on for a skilled and efficient supervisor in the clothing retail business. I am familiar with the duties and responsibilities that accompany such a position since I held a similar job for three consecutive years with the Mouette in Chula Vista, California.

I posses good leadership skills and really like to guide and I am knowledgeable of the basic strategies of motivating employees. I uphold the value of keeping worker morale high and I believe in the importance of accomplishing tasks in time and in producing outcomes of the best possible quality. These qualities are what you are probably looking for in the persons you hire as supervisors.

May I drop by your boutique next week any morning you choose between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. to have a more thorough discussion of this job? I look forward being at your office. Please call 092-9547-5679 to confirm and I will be there. I appreciate your taking time to read and consider my cover letter.


Scarlett Martine

Enc.: resume and cover letter

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