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Applying for a job means selling yourself to a position you want. To increase your chance to be hired in the position you are applying for, you should enhance your application like writing an impressive cover letter and working diligently with your CV. Here is a sample cover letter that will inspire you to make a more impressive one.

14th February 2009

Ritchie Fords

John F. Kennedy Multi Grade School

Philadelphia, PA 19128

Dear Mr. Fords:

My friend, Ms. Lyra Johannson, informed me about the vacant position in your school. Therefore, I would like to apply for the English teacher in the John F. Kennedy Multi Grade School. Attached is my resume and other credentials that will strengthn my application.

In my previous work experiences, I worked as a full-time English teacher in an elementary school in California for two years until I and my family migrated in Philadelphia few months ago. I finished bachelor of elementary education in the University of California. I am also current member of several education associations in Southern American and became an officer of one of them last year.

Please consider my application as I am willing to work on any schedule, whether night or day. Please call me if you want to set an interview with me. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.


Dianne Kings

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