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College Cover Letter

Cover letters are not only necessary for job application. Students who will be requesting to enter an institution for their internship programs or to apply for summer jobs also use cover letters. Below is a correct example of a college cover letter.

11th September 2006

Mr. Frederick Johnson

Head, Education Department

California Public Grade School

Dear Mr. Johnson:


I am Gayle Anderson, a senior college student in the University of California – Berkeley who is currently taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education. As a partial requirement for graduation, an internship program worth 300 hours is required.

In regard with this, I am requesting from your good office to permit me to finish my internship program in the California Public Grade School. For your information about my experience, I am currently working a part time tutor in the JHG Tutorial Center.

Please review my attached is my resume for my credentials. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Gayle Anderson

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