Donation Letters

Contribution Donation Letter


Christine Charlie


Walk District

Nottingham, London


13 January 2012

Subject: Contribution towards building up of a hospital for underprivileged.

Respected Sir,

I am Roose C. Williams and I am addressing this letter to you in response to your letter seeking for donations to build up a hospital for poor population in the nearby locality.

I really appreciate your step to think over such an issue and as a token of admiration I would like to contribute a generous amount of 2000$ for the same. I am willing to be a part of any help that you require to mould this structure and I am heartily interested in this gracious deed. Running a hospital requires a lot of infrastructure, staff members, security, instruments and technologies.

Please feel free to contact me for any kind of assistance you may need. I would be glad if my contribution comes to use for such a worthy cause initiated by you.



Roose C. Williams

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