Contract Letters

Contract Price Increase Letter


Jake Blake

Administration Department Head

GL Technologies Limited

23 Yankee Doodle Street

Wisconsin, Los Angeles 3490

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Letter for increase in contract price

Respected Mr. Blake,

This is in regards to the contract by us, Bates and Mates Cleaners Limited with your organization effective from 5th of May 2012. I would like to request you to increase the price stated in the contract.

As per the contract we are supposed to clean the office premises of your organization and also do all the plumbing work. In the terms and conditions section of the contract you have stated that we will be eligible for a remuneration of $3000 for our services on a monthly basis. I would like to mention that the remuneration is much less compared to the amount we charge to our other clients. We charge $6000 on a monthly basis for the service that we will be providing to you. If you compare our charges with the average market price, you will find it much lesser. With the amount that you have mentioned in the contract, we would be at loss.

I would request you to consider the request and increase the contract price.


Nick Carter

Marketing Head

Bates and Mates Cleaners Limited

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