Contract Letters

Contract Expiration Letter


Hans Zimmer

Managing Director
Eminem Advertising Agency

56 Off Side Road

California, Los Angeles 6790

Dated: 2nd of June 2012

Subject: Letter for contract expiration

Respected Mr. Zimmer,

This is in regards to the contract entered into by your organization with us on 30th of May 2010. This is to bring to your notice that the contract expired on 30th of May 2012.

We, Gas Garments Limited had entered into the contract with your advertising agency as per the Contract Laws of the State of Los Angeles. As per the contract your advertising agency was supposed to look after the advertisement and promotion work for our organization. You have done successfully and we are satisfied with your services. It has helped our business a lot. As per the contract we were supposed to pay you a total of one hundred thousand dollars for availing your service. I believe that the complete payment has been made with fifty percent being made in advance and the rest two months prior to the contract expiry date.

If we are planning avail advertising and promotion services again, we would surely get in touch with you and draft a new contract.


Owen Wilson

Managing Director
Gas Garments Limited

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