Congratulations Letters

Congratulation Letter on Birth of Twins


Dear Aaron and Corinne,

Congratulations! It was indeed great news hearing that you’ve got twin sons for your first born. Your hands will really be full with the arrival of your bundle of joys. Oh I can’t wait to see them. I know they’ve inherited the best of your physical attributes and well for other biological features – they say children get 60% of their intellectual genes from the mother. Hurray for you Corinne! Come on Aaron, you’ve got those beautiful eyes and nice lips to bestow, so don’t fret.

For now enjoy every moment with your twins. Cherish their first smiles and the twinkle in their eyes as you pick them up each morning. Each day will be a discovery to all the developments of your beautiful babies. Give them all the love and care, touch is the most sensitive way of relating your feelings to your newborns.

Give my warm hugs and kisses to your twins. I will be visiting you one of these days to adore your cute baby boys.

All the best,

Aunt Ruth

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