Condolence Letters

Condolence letter to boss

July 22, 2010

Mr. John Downes

General Manager

Magic Touch Suppliers

Norfolk, NR5 7TJ

Dear Sir,

Please accept our profound condolence over the untimely death of your wife.  We know how hard it is to lose a loved one, and we sincerely hope that you are coping well with the situation.

We have known your wife through the various family activities that the company has held through the years.  She was truly such a joyful presence in the activities, lightening up the mood and establishing warm rapport among the staff.  We loved her, too and will surely miss her.  We were never able to tell her personally but we hope to tell you how much we appreciate all her help through the years.

On our part, we will do our best to further improve our work and strive to relive your wife’s legacy in the company.  We will ensure everything is in order during your leave of absence.

With deep sympathy,

Sales Representative Staff

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