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Complaint to School Letter


Mr Cornelius,

Head of the Sterling Housing society,




New Model Art School,


Dear sir/ madam,

I, Mr Cornelius, head for Sterling Housing society, am drafting this letter out of desperation and some disgust. As you would be aware, Sterling Housing society is adjacent to your school. However, this has not been a proud thing to boost of in the recent times. Students have been playing the spoil sport to disrupt the peace between us neighbours. The plants planted in row in front of our society compound have been completely wrecked by the students of your school. Not only this, the walls of the compound are full of absurd graffiti, which has been done by the students.

This I can say because I have witnessed this happening in front of my eyes. I tried to prevent this from happening but students proved my actions futile. I am hopeful that this letter shall serve its purpose and necessary action would be taken to avoid such things in future.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Cornelius

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