Reference Letters

Company Reference Letter


Lenny Bin

Marketing Department Head

Watson Products Limited

45 Tyson Jack Street

New Dakota, South Colorado 6734

Dated: 4th of May 2012

Subject: reference for the position of marketing executive

Dear Mr. Bin,

I, on behalf of my company Gas Garments Limited would like to refer Sam Mendes for the position of a marketing executive in your organization.

Sam is an ex employee of our company whose work tenure is from 4th of June 2010 to 12th of March 2012. He was working in a position of a marketing executive. He was an excellent employee who always exceeded his marketing target. He had great understanding of product knowledge and maintained excellent rapport with the customers. He had to leave as he had to move back to his hometown as his father is not keeping well.

I would request you to hire him and he will be an asset for your company.


Samuel Jackson

HR Manager

Gas Garments Limited

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