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College Acceptance Letter


Mr Watson,


Imperial College of Business Studies,



Ms Veronica,

E-2, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Wellington Drive,


Dear Ms Veronica,

I, Mr Watson, the dean of Imperial College of Business Studies, am glad to announce that your application for admission in our institute has been accepted. Considering the fact that the term has already started, it was very difficult to grant you the admission; since to cope up with the lagging portion of this term will be very difficult even for the best of the students. However, the repeated assurance from your side and excellent past academic record in view, we decided that it would not be fair to deny you an opportunity to save one entire year.

The institution also wishes to elucidate the fact that you shall be getting all the support you need while being in the course to catch with the rest of the students. We are looking forward to the development of a brighter student to make us proud with her achievements. Wishing you best luck,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Watson

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