Collection Letters

Collection Letter Example


Roger Moore

Sun Rise Apartments

67 Aspen High Road,

North Dakota, South Carolina 8976

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject:  Collection of your outstanding payment

Dear Mr. Moore,

This letter is in regards to the outstanding payment of your internet bill. You have been using a postpaid data card issued by our company to you.

Your due date was 31st of January 2012 and today is already 12th of February 2012 which is way past your due date. Our collections department tried to get in touch with you over the telephone number provided by you but there was no response. We also mailed you, but there was no reply. We would request you make the payment of your bill as soon as possible or else we will have to disconnect your services.

If required we can send an executive to your residential address for collection of the billed amount.


Larry King

Collections Manager

AOL Internet Service.

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