Resignation Letters

Classic Resignation Letter


Mr. Page Fryer

Head HR Department

Oldham software Ltd

A-5, Sixth floor

Oldham, Lancashire

16 July 2011

Subject: Classic Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Fryer

This letter announces my resignation from this organization which will be effective from the 30th July 2011. I have accepted a senior position with another organization and will be shifting to a new city for the same. It was a pleasure working for Oldham software Ltd. I would request you to inform me about all the formalities and task which has to be completed from my end.

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with your esteemed organization. I have learnt many new skill and experiences during my tenure with this company, which will help me in my future endeavours. I will try to finish my assigned project before leaving the organization to make the process smooth for the entire team.

Thanking you

Patrick Rodger

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