Claim Letters

Claim Letter to Travel Insurance


Roger Moore,

Senior Claims Manager

Lombard Travel Insurance

21 Universal High Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 6789

Dated: 12th of February 2012

Subject: Claim for travelling compensation

Dear Mr. Moore,

I am Tim Burton holder of policy number TI67 in your organization.  I would like to claim under the policies and procedures stated in my travel insurance policy.

On an emergency basis I had to make a trip to Egypt in the month of January as my mother was not keeping well. A lot of amount has been incurred on travelling which totals up to $5000. I believe that the lock in period of my insurance policy that is a total of 3 years is over. So  that makes me eligible to claim for my travel compensation.

I would request you to process my claim request as soon as possible as I am having some financial constraint. I am enclosing all my travelling bills and other needed documents.


Tim Burton.

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