Claim Letters

Claim Adjustment Letter


Harry Brown

Consignment Department Head

West Side Garments Limited

45 Tango Charlie Road

New York, New Jersey 6790

Dated: 10th of January 2012

Subject: Adjustment for the claim amount

Dear Mr. Brown,

This letter is in regards to the claim made by our organization on 21st of January for delivery of one thousand readymade garments. We had received only eight hundred pieces of readymade garments in the consignment sent by you on 7th of January 2012, so we would like you to adjust remaining two hundred garments in the next consignment.

We have already paid in advance for the claim made by us for one thousand readymade garments. We had paid you $2000, but as there were less number of garments sent in this assignment we would be paying $400 less in the next consignment.

I would request you to look into the matter and make the adjustment.


Norman Creed.

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