Fundraising Letters

Church fundraising letter

Rev. William Krauss

Coplin Plantation, ME 04982

December 1, 2010

Mr. George Gillies

Back Belmont Rd

Belfast, ME 04915

Dear Mr. Gillies,

Warm Christian greetings!

I write to you in behalf of our youth parishioners who are hoping to put up a small room in our church.  The room will be used for their regular Bible study groups for children for which they voluntarily facilitate.  We believe that Bible study and knowing about the Lord’s word should start in children and we are honored that the youth members of the church have initiated this move.

We are knocking on your kind heart to help us raise funds for the said purpose.  Whatever help you can extend us will go a long way in helping spread the good news of the Bible.

If you wish to send us any amount, you may contact us at 207-255-3061 or approach any of the church staff after Sunday masses.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you always.


Rev. William Krauss

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