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Christening announcement letter

Ms. Christine Danes

700 East Pete Rose Way
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212-3544

November 8, 2010

Ms. Catherine Roberts

Public Square
Cleveland, Ohio 44125

Dearest Catherine,

How are you and your family doing?  I wish you good health always.  I hope the kids, Sally and Phyllis, are doing well in school.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen them and I’m sure they’re all grown up and beautiful teens already.

I am writing you not only to catch up on stories but also to happily announce to you that our son, Charlie, is going to be christened this November 20 at the local church here.  He is already a few months old and growing fast each day.  We want him to be welcomed into the Christian world soon so that his growth and health will be more blessed.  I want you to be one of his godmothers, too.  You have done such a great job raising Sally and Phyllis into well-mannered and smart children and I know you will be able to teach Charlie so much about life.

See you then!



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