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Child Custody Character Reference Letter


Whosoever it may concern

Dear sir /madam,

This letter is being drafted with the intent of making you aware of the fact that the character of the person under consideration is been studied for over a period of 2 years and one can be assured of offering any task with complete responsibility to the concerned person. The further details of the person and his/ her stay at the rehabilitation centre are enclosed along with the letter. The main point to be taken into consideration is that the person is not only physically fit but is also capable of handling mentally jeopardised situations and there should not be any discrimination made regarding the stay of the person at the rehabilitation centre.

For any other detail requirement, besides from those enclosed along with the letter, the enquiries will be entertained during the office hours and all such enquiries are welcomed. Hoping for a bright future for person discharged from rehabilitation centre,

Yours truly,

Mr. Jonathan,

Chief In-charge of the rehabilitation centre.

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Reference Letters

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