Request letters

Charity Funds Request Letter


Ms Mary Royce

Charity Supervisor


334 Timber Street,

Caventry, Liverpool, UK

Date: 14 May 2012,

Subject: Charity Funds Request Letter

Dear Ms Royce,

You must be  aware that the havoc caused by the oceanic disturbance in the Indonesian region in the recent past which has taken lives of hundreds of people in the island nation. In addition, thousands of people have lost their homes, cattle and materials too and are presently living on mercy of god without the knowledge of their relatives.

On behalf of Hand for You Foundation, an NGO, we request you to kindly serve for the cause of this natural disaster and compassionately donate for the relief and rescue work being undertaken by our organisation in the public interest. We are distributing Food, medicine and clothing to the needy through our help centres in the country.

For your contributions please call 1900 343 5656 or email at

Yours Sincerely,

Ms Rita Atkinson

Project Help Indonesia

Hand For You Foundation

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