Charity Letters

Charity Donation Letter

Kind Heart Foundation

Main Street


16th February, 2009.

Mr. George Brown

General Manager

ABC Corporation


Dear Mr. Brown,

This is with reference to the Donation Fund Drive we are organizing at Kind Heart Foundation to collect money for the treatment of HIV infected orphans.

We, at the Foundation have been committed to the cause of care and nurture of these children for the past 5 years.  We have about 25 children with us ranging from the age group of 2 to 13 years.  The money collected through this drive is used for their medication, food and clothing.

The success of this drive depends entirely on the generosity of people like you and organizations like yours.  I request you to kindly make a donation for any amount that seems suitable to you.  We have enclosed a form for this purpose for your convenience.

Thank you for sparing your valuable time.


Tanya Martin


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