Charity Letters

Charity Contribution Letter


June 06, 2011

Richard Davis,


Davis and Sons Inc,

New York-11700

Dear Mr. Richard,

I Dr. Joseph Moore, Head Doctor in Moore Hospital, run a charitable hospital. I along with some other my fellow doctors have been running this charitable hospital for last five years to serve poor and financially backward patients. Till today we have treated around 10000 patients and save many of their lives against dangerous diseases.

Due to increasing number of patients every day, we need to increase size of our hospital and also number of beds. So we would like to ask for your contribution for this charity work. Your contribution is so essential for us to achieve our goal to serve poor patients who do not have money for their treatment.

I from my hospital request for your valuable contribution to such hospital expansion plan. We are looking for your positive response.

Thanking you,


Dr. Joseph Moore,

Head Doctor,

Moore Charitable Hospital,

New York

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