Order Letters

Change Order Letter


Mr. Robert Kinsley

Kinsley Construction Company Ltd.

B-20, sixth floor

River Avenue

Jacksonville, Florida

19th May 2012

Subject: Change order letter

Dear Mr. Kinsley,

We congratulate you for the excellent work your company has provided towards the completion of the Hotel project. This project had some of the best expertise working in the construction field. But due to some constrains at our end we have to change the number of steel units that are needed for this project. The requirement of units of steel stands modified from 5 tonnes to 4 tonnes on account of existing steel being moved in from other construction projects of our company. Thus for the early completion of the project the company has made the necessary changes in the budget as well so that you can account for the same in the bill raised to our company.

Find attached the change order copy along with this letter.

Thanking you

Bill Mathews

Hilton Group of Hotels.

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