Certification Letters

Certification Letter for Medical Reports


Mr. Kevin Miller

#124, Wakefield Street

Dallas, Texas

To whom it may concern:

Subject: Certification Letter

Mr. Miller

I am writing this letter in reference to your medical checkup that you had with me in my clinic yesterday. You have reported about fever and pain in the entire body. After doing some medical tests on your blood sample, your reports have been found negative signifying the viral infection in your body. I prescribe you antibiotic treatments along with analgesics to treat this problem.

The viral infection that has already grown in your body will need at least 6-7 days to subside and I suggest you to take bed rest for a week in order to be completely fine.

This treatment should be strictly followed in order to avoid further infection and deterioration in your health.

I hereby, certify that you are unfit to resume your job duties for a week.


Dr. Thomas Anderson

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