Termination Letters

Business Termination Letter

Mark White,


White and Sons Inc


June 03, 2011

Donald Harris,


Donald Brothers Inc,


Dear Mr. Donald,

Sub- Termination of Business Contract

Ref- Letter No. 3421/Obsolete Material/ Dated May 10, 2011

With this letter I would like to inform you that I am terminating the business contract with you for the supply of clothing material. I have been noticing that obsolete materials have been dispatched by you to our several customers because of which my company had to face defamation in the eyes of customers.

Despite of my several letters to improve the quality of material you have not taken any action to it. So, I have decided to terminate our business contract dated April 10, 2011.

If there is any due from my side I am ready to clear it as soon as possible.

Thank You,


Mark White

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