Business Letters

Business Rejection Letter


Tango Charlie

Marketing Department Head

Convent Technologies Limited

12 Time Square Street

Normal City, United Kingdom 5678

Dated: 5th of February 2012

Subject:  Rejection of the business proposal proposed by you

Respected Mr. Charlie,

This letter is in regards to the business proposal sent by you on 25th of January 2012. We would like to inform you that the business proposal has been rejected by our administration department.

You had sent us a business proposal to develop the work related software for our organization and we had asked for your sample work. Our administration department reviewed the sample sent by you, but they found it to be much below the standard we are looking for. It does not suit our purpose. That is the reason why we have to reject your business proposal.

I hope you understand the reason for the rejection. We would surely look forward to do business with you some other time.


John Woo

Assistant Manager

Manufacture Limited

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