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Business Letter of Intent

Dear Ms. D’souza:

My name is Katherine Jones; I am a senior at the University of Pennsylvania. The subject that I am majoring in is Psychology. I have made it through the Dean’s list almost every semester. I am writing this letter to you, hoping that you understand my interest in the program that is being held at the University of Texas.

I have come to know more about the program from the People’s Magazine. Considering that it is so popular and helpful, I would want to be a part of it. The program is constituted by the best of psychologists around the country. Working with such people and seeking in their guidance is like a dream come true. The best part is that it allows us to reach even more closely to the real human.

I would want to discuss more about the program. I hope you don’t have any problem if we do this over the phone. My number is 555-9999.


Katherine Jones

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