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Business Introduction Letter

21st April, 2010

Mr. Robert Collin
Senior Buyer
Office- Zone Furnishings Inc.
5698 Haven Avenue.
Chicago, IL 96453

Dear Mr. Collin:

This letter is addressed to you in regards with your account. I am Scylla’s new Sales Representative. I have just joined the company and as per my job profile I will be taking over your account. The account was being handled by Joseph earlier. Now that he is shifted to the other department, I would be taking care of your account.

As a means to get to know Scylla’s customers, I wish to meet in you person. Discuss the needs and requirements that can take the Office- Zone Furnishings to a whole new level. We at Scylla wish to be associated in doing so.

By meeting up face to face, we could set in the level of convenience and ease. As a representative of Scylla, I can give in 100 percent to serve Office- Zone with best services.

I am looking forward to meet you and learn more about your company.


Jimmy Odon
Senior Sales Representative

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