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Business Letter Example


Mr. D’Souza,

The manager,

Dream Mall


The Working Staff,

Dream Mall

Dear staff people,

I, Mr. D’Souza, the manager of the Dream Mall, have something to share with all of you. There are certain things which the management of the Mall wants it’s working people to be made known about. Like every year, there are festive offers waiting for this year’s Christmas month. The management is expecting that the Mall shall yield more profit that all other past year. In order to make this happen, all the working staff people are made aware of the fact their working timings are extended by 2 hours on a daily basis.

The news of working extra time comes along with a pleasant news that the management of the Dream Mall has decided to give a bonus to all the working staff people of not one but two months. The bonus is to encourage a new lease of enthusiasm among the staff. Wishing you all a prosperous festive season ahead,

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. D’Souza.

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