Appointment Letters

Business Appointment Letter


Mr. Ethan D Brown

#675 Oak Drive Lane

Washington, CA

Subject: Business appointment letter

Dear Mr. Brown

This is in reference to the telecom interview which we had a couple of hours back, today regarding the outsourcing of managerial operations of our branch in Washington. This letter is a confirmation to the scheduled appointment on 16th December 2011, at 11 o’clock at Hotel Hilton.

I am also attaching the meeting agenda for our scheduled meeting on 16th December 2011. Kindly suggest if you need any changes or you want some additional points to be discussed. We’ll edit the agenda accordingly, as per your suggestions.

Kindly go through all the attached presentations, which highlight our requirements so that you can also prepare for the meeting and it proves out to be more fruitful for both of us.

Should you have any doubts, please feel free to reach me at 546 786 4454 or you can mail me at

Looking forward to hear from you soon and kindly send a confirmation for the meeting.

Yours’ sincerely

Derek O’Brian

Operations Head

G&N Enterprises

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