Birthday Letters

Birthday Party Thank You Letter


Stacy Jackson

House no. 244

Forest Drive

Washington, California

Dear Stacy,

Thank you so much for inviting me on the birthday party of grandma. I must say I enjoyed so much after such a long time. You planned a very beautiful party and the way you invited all the near and dear ones of grandma, it added extra glitter to the party.

After quite a long time, I became a part of such family occasion and it was very heartwarming. When I told grandma that the whole idea of this party was yours, she was so overwhelmed and she had tears in her eyes. She has been one of the most wonderful people in my life and spending an entire day with her was really awesome.

Thank you so much Stacy, you planned an amazing family evening and everybody enjoyed a lot, especially the birthday girl, our grandma.

Your sister,


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