Birthday Letters

Birthday Letter to Teenager


Lizzie Jolie

222 Main Park Street

House No. 13, 2nd floor

Nottingham, UK

9th August 2012

Dear Lizzie,

I am sure that this would be the most colourful and a magical day of your life. Congratulations! You are a teenager now. I am happy that you have turned 13 today. Such a happy occasion calls for a big birthday celebrations tonight.

On your birthday, I want to take an opportunity to guide you with something during your teenage life. Of course, you are a free bird now but do not forget the limits and boundaries that you are bounded with. You are a year elder than your previous age and I am so sure that you will act maturely in every decision and step that you may take. Since the day you were born, you have made everyone so happy and I expect the same in future as well. May your 13th birthday bring you series of excitement, joy, happiness and surprises.

I look forward to have a great time with you. I once again wish you a very happy birthday and send my good luck wishes for your teenage life. May you have the best time of your life today and for many such years’ ahead. God bless!

Happy Birthday!

With love,

Derek Williams

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