Birthday Letters

Birthday Letter to Professor


Joseph Walt

12 Main Park Street

15th floor, White square building

Nottingham, UK

9th August 2012

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with a deep respect in my heart to wish you a very happy birthday. Many congratulations to you on this day and good luck wishes for many such years to come your way.

Sir, on such a special day, I want to take a kind opportunity to let you know how special you are to me. You were not just a teacher to me but a father guiding his son, a friend encouraging another friend and brother caring his sibling. It was always a great time to be a part of your informative lecture. I am so glad and proud that you were born and we were being taught by you. The best thing about you is that each time I meet you, I find a new young man in you. You have inspired me a lot in my life.

I once again wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you have a long and a healthy life ahead.  May all your dreams come true and God shower his blessings on you for today and forever.


Henry Dickens

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