Birthday Letters

Birthday Letter to Teacher


Jenny Charles

House No. 13, Park Street

Main Building

Nottingham, UK

10th August 2012

Respected ma’am,

We the students of the commerce section of batch 2011, wanted to express our gratitude to you on your birthday. Ma’am, we truly respect you and the way you were a true leader, mentor and a teacher to all of us. Since it is your birthday today, each one of us wishes you “Happy Birthday” and prays to God that you be surrounded by all the happiness that you desire.

Ma’am we always respected the knowledge that was provided by you. Of all the teachers that we had during our schooling time, you are the one who we miss the most. Your lectures were a combination of serious studies and fun moments. On your birthday, we have decided to have a get to together with you so that we can get an opportunity to spend and celebrate your birthday. Please let us know when you will be free so that we can plan accordingly.

We once again extend our deepest respect and gratitude to you on this day and wish you a very happy birthday. May your birthday be filled with fun, joy and laughter.

Happy Birthday!


Students of commerce batch 2011

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