Birthday Letters

Birthday Letter to Cousin


Paul Peterson

132 Orchard Street

While Rose building

Buckingham, UK

9th August 2012

Dear Paul,

I am writing this letter with a great excitement in my heart. We all are fit and healthy and hope the same with you and uncle too. Well, a very happy birthday to you. I am so glad that I will soon be a part of a birthday party of my favourite cousin.

Paul, I am so fond of you. You are not only a cousin brother to me but also my true friend. The comfort that I feel with you while sharing my secret talks, the fun that I carry with myself when you take me out for an ice cream and all those notorious things that we do with other cousin, makes me love you so much. I am grateful to have you as my cousin. Since it is your birthday today, I will come to your home tonight and you can’t escape from giving me a big bash party.

I wish you a very happy birthday once again and may you have the best time with your friends and family. May God bless you with his good wishes and blessings.

Happy Birthday!


Martha Watson

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