Sympathy Letters

Bereavement Sympathy Letter


Ruthel Smith,

#1, Oldham, Lancashire,

London, OL2

Subject : Deepest condolences on sudden bereavement of your husband

Dear Ms. Ruthel,

We deeply regret the sudden demise of your husband. We know what you must be going through right now and please accept our sympathies for the grave loss.  Mr. Smith was a great asset to our company and we cannot tell you how much handicapped we will be without his presence in our office.

Besides being an excellent manager he was also a great gentleman who always cared for his employees. He was an exceptional and hardworking person with utmost dedication for the welfare of the organization. He will always remain in the hearts of all the employees forever. We will always remember him for the legacy of valuable knowledge base that he has given to our organization that can be used by each and every employee for many more years to come.

The company is sending this letter on behalf of all the senior management members and the entire staff who are equally shaken by his sudden demise. Also find attached a small sum of money as financial support for your family in these testing times. We hope that this humble amount will be of some help to you.

Yours truly,



Nomatic IT Co Ltd.

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