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Baby christening congratulations letter

Ms. Gretchen Gonzales

111 Moreno St

Oceanside, CA 92054

May 1, 2010

Ms. Beverly Norris

66th St, Oakland, CA 94609

Dear Beverly,

I just received your invitation to your baby’s christening and I am so happy for you.  Congratulations!  Of course I accept your request to be one of baby Ann’s godmothers.  I would be honored to be a godmother of your beatiful baby.

Ann has grown big so quickly.  I can still remember how small she was when I saw you at the hospital.  She was so eager to come into the world and opened her eyes immediately.  I know it was not just my imagination that she also smiled right away upon seeing me.  At that moment, I knew she had chosen me to help you take care of her.  And so I will.  I am delighted that you have chosen to christen your baby right away.  Welcome to the Christian world, baby Ann.



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