Authorization Letters

Authorization Letter for Bank


Brad Pit,

Branch Manager

Bank of London

12 Finance High Street

London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Authorization letter to access banking details

Respected Sir,

This letter is to authorize my friend Jay Leno to have access to all my banking details.  I, Larry King is a holder of a savings account in your bank with an account number 34567.

I have briefed my friend about all banking details like my ATM card pin, account verification details, telephone banking pin, online transaction password as well as login username and password. He will have the authority to withdraw money from my account and use my debit card. I trust him completely with all my personal banking details. He can also request for my banking statements. There may be instances when I would not be in town and in such cases he can avail my banking services.

I would request you to please provide the authorization to him as soon as possible.


Larry King


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