Appreciation Letters

Appreciation Letter to Conference Speaker


Mr Braganza,

Winston Churchill School for Handicapped,



Mr Harry Potter,

A-1, Potter Villa,


Dear Mr Potter,

It has been a privilege and honour to have you as the conference speaker for the annual day function of our school. This letter aims at conveying the appreciation and gratitude from the entire school for giving us time from your extremely busy schedule. Mr Potter, you have been the source of inspiration for millions all over the world and finding yourself in front has been an awe inspiring experience not only for the school children but also for us.

We were sceptical at the time we approached you whether you would come to the conference or not. However, the scepticism was proved absolutely futile by you and you obliged for our invitation instantly. We appreciate your participation to make the life of these under privileged kids desirable and substantial. We will always be thankful for this gesture of yours. Looking forward for another pleasant rendezvous between the school and you,

Yours appreciatively,

Mr Braganza

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