Appointment Letters

Appointment Request Letter


Mr. Tom Kingston

Head, Human Resources,

822 Mask Grey Street,

Crestview Tower,

New Jersey

July 22, 2012

Subject: Request seeking appointment for an interview with the CEO

Dear Mr. Kingston,

On behalf of the news magazine The Daily World, I would like to request you kindly grant me the opportunity for interviewing the CEO of your organization, Mr. James Derek. The focus of the meeting will be the new green energy project the company is coming up with and how Mr. Derek plans to go about achieving his goals, beating the competition and gathering funds for the project.

I will be very grateful if you contact me at 9389221173 to fix an appropriate time and day for the interview or ask any other questions you may have regarding the matter. I will also be bringing a photographer with me to take pictures for our publication, although that will not take an extra time and we will finish the interview within the time you allot us. I understand Mr. Derek is a busy man and I will appreciate it if he can take out some time out of his busy schedule.

Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Michelle Jennings

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