Appeal Letters

Appeal Letter to School Board


Granny Wilson

Director (School Board)

St.Peters High School

89, Free School Street, Northern London


25th July 2012

Subject: Appeal letter to school board.

Dear Mr. Granny

I am writing this letter to appeal against the decision of your school’s board to issue transfer certificate to my son on the ground of bad behavior. My son Name Nathan Campbell is a regular student of upper high class in your school for the last nine years. I received a letter from the school board on 23rd July 2012 that my son has being expelled from the school and is being issued a transfer certificate because of the bad behavior shown by him towards his English language teacher. I would request the school board to kindly forgive my son as this is his first offence. I promise that he will never commit a similar offence in the future.

I would request you to kindly review your decision as it is a question my son’s future. I am ready to give an undertaking that I will automatically withdraw my child from you school in case he commits similar mistake in the future. Once again I kindly request you to please look into my appeal.

Yours Sincerely

Lance Campbell

Guardian of Nathan Campbell

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