Apology Letters

Apology Letter for the Loss of Order


Mr Scrum,

Hilton Constructions Ltd,

New Orleans


Mr Williamson,

Pride Construction Materials,

New Orleans

Dear Mr Williamson,

This letter has come into effect to express our apologies for the loss of order for the supply of construction materials to our construction company for the new Drum Town project. The quotations in the tender have been very close and the authorities deciding the grant of tender have to scan the preferences for the firm. The feasibility factor indicated that it would have been better for the future of both the sides to part ways temporarily and award this tender for supplying construction materials to the new project.

The construction firm acknowledges the successful run of the partnership between the two of us and is eager to work with you in the near future, provided the feasibility of the project. We are hopeful that loss of one order shall not affect the excellent business relations which we have shared for a long time now. Wishing you best luck for future,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Scrum

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