Apology Letters

Apology Letter For Over Shipment of Goods


Mr Dean,

Ship Manager,

VLS Marines,



Mr Thompson,

Dock In-charge,


Dear Mr Thompson,

This letter has been drafted in reply to the letter from your side indicating the over shipment of the goods. I, on behalf of the VLS Marines, express severe apologies for the occurrence of this event. The development of the causes of cropping of this event has been under investigation. I, on behalf of VLS Marines, assure you that such a blunder will not be happening in the future. I assure you that we shall result in more responsible acts and all the shipments dispatched henceforth shall reflect this responsibility.

The letter of complaint from your side has mentioned about the fine for the irresponsible act of ours and hence, I am enclosing a demand draft of said amount of fine along with this letter. I assure you that future shall never see the dawn of the day when you will be required to complaint. Expressing apologies for the unfortunate event,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Dean

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