Congratulations Letters

Air Force Promotion Congratulations Letter


John Mc. Pinto

Senior Airman

Sky Air Force


6th September 2012

Subject: Air force promotion congratulations letter

Dear Mr. Pinto,

It is with a great honour and pride that we are sending you this letter to congratulate you on your promotion to the post of a senior airman, at Sky Air Force. You richly deserve this promotion and we must congratulate you for such a big success and accomplishment.

When you held the position of an airman first class, I knew that your skills and proficiencies would definitely earn you the position of a senior airman. Your promotion to such a post will recognise you in the whole of the air force association and will get you a respectable status amongst all the sergeants and other airmen. With a pay grade of E-4, we are so glad that you would now be wearing sleeve chevrons with a blue centre star. Heartiest congratulations to you for being a senior airman.

We send you our good wishes for your newly earned position. We are sure that you will once again prove to be an asset to us and will work dedicatedly and whole heartedly.

We once again congratulate you on your promotion and all the very best for your new position.


Sky Air force team

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