Announcement Letters

Acquisition Announcement Letter


All the employees and stakeholders

GBM Software Private Limited

44, Nuance Street, New York


20th July 2012

Subject: Acquisition announcement letter.

Dear Employees and stakeholders

I am writing this letter to inform that our company had successfully acquired KGC Software Limited, Germany with effect from 15th July 2012. The deal between the two companies was completed in June 2012 and our company had paid $1.5 billion in cash to complete the takeover. The acquisition gives our company an edge over our competitors as we have now access to some fine print technology developed exclusively by the KGC Software Private Limited. The management of our company had decided to absorb all the 450 employees of KGC Software Limited on the permanent rolls of our company. The acquisition of the company will help our company to mark its foot print the overseas market and make our presence felt in the European soil. The newly acquired company is expected to increase our annual revenue by at least one billion dollars in the next five years.

Hope that the employees of both the companies work hard to take our company to new heights.


Thanking you

Stuart McGill

Director (Mergers and Acquisition Department)

GBM Software Private Limited

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