Recommendation Letters

Academic Recommendation Letter


Peter Hans,

Head P T A


Mr. Smith,

The principal,

New Model School

Dear Mr. Smith,

I, Peter Hans, am writing this letter in behalf of the entire P T A (Parents Teachers Association). This letter is intended to take your worthy attention to some of the leaky features in the academics which the students have to go through each year. The entire P T A has decided to take this matter to your concern and make you aware of these loopholes in the academics. The sporting activities have been the centre of concern for quite some time and there is hardly anything done to eradicate the problems.

The students are not delivered the quality of sporting ambience which had been promised almost 5 years ago. Besides, the sporting activities, the lockers which are provided for the students are in a miserable condition and there is no scope of coping with them in the next academic year. We hope that our recommendations do not fall on deaf ears.

Yours truly,

Peter Hans

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