Appeal Letters

Academic Appeal Letter

Michael Hardy,

1111, Main street,

Los Angeles-78546


March 12, 2011

Mrs. Richardson


Los Angeles Public School,

Los Angeles


Mrs. Richardson,

I am writing this letter to reconsider the cancellation of admission application of my son George which I have submitted seeking admission for my son your school.

My son George is a bright student. He has got first rank in 8th in his previous school. I have also submitted two recommendation letters from much known teachers of the city who know my son very well. My Son is also a talented student which you can know from the prizes he has won in his school activities. If you want then you can take the interview of my son at any time you wish.

I would like to request you to reconsider the cancellation of the application once again and allow a bright student to be admitted in your reputed school. For which you can also see the recommendation letters from the teachers which I have attached to the application.

Thank you for giving your precious time in reading this letter.

Yours Truly,

Michael Hardy

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