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Writing an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter has been established as a necessary component of your application but it is important to make it effective in order to attract the employer’s attention. While writing a cover letter is relatively simple, making it effective takes some extra effort. There are certain simple rules, which if kept in mind, can pave the way to writing an effective cover letter.

The first rule is to kindle the interest of your employer by appearing to be the most suitable candidate for the position. You have to attractively mention your achievements in the letter to ensnare the attention of the prospective employer. However, one must refrain from exaggerating and diverging from the truth. It is pertinent to state the truth simply and to the point.

The second rule is to address the letter to the correct person, mentioning the post clearly. This adds a professional touch to the letter and also reflects the efforts taken to find out the same, if not mentioned in the advertisement.

The third rule is to prompt the next meeting or call at the end of the letter. It may sound presumptuous but nothing is lost by doing so, while not doing so may result in an opportunity lost.

Finally, after you have written your cover letter, it is important to edit the same and to ensure that there are no mistakes and it is absolutely perfect. Getting someone else to read it will help in reducing errors in a long way.

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