Acceptance Letters

Writing An Acceptance Letter

Dear Susan,

A wonderful morning!

Hi my friend, I would like to inform you that I am accepting your request and invitation to be your maid of honor in your wedding this December. It is an honor to me as your friend and I am very glad to do you a favor and accept it.

We have been friends since our younger days and we have shared a lot in our life. You are now like a sister to me and wish everything for your good. You are now getting married and will settle for good. I know you want this so much and I know this will be your happiest day. How happy I am to be part of it witnessing your wedding as a maid of honor.

I will do everything to be the best maid of honor that you wish to be. This is your dream and this is your day. Together with the entire list of your wedding entourage congratulate you.

Thank you and will see you soon.

Love lots,


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