Recommendation Letters

Writing a Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter can serve as the fine line between the success and failure of an applicant. It is therefore, important for the one writing the letter to know the steps on how to write an appropriate and effective recommendation letter. First, the writer must indicate how he was acquainted with the applicant and how long they have known each other. If the writer has known the applicant for a long period, then it would be advantageous to mention that fact.

Next, the writer must indicate why he is capable of making such a recommendation and why the employer must pay attention to what he has to say. The writer must then specify the applicant’s exceptional skills, qualities and qualifications. This includes his educational background and achievements. It would be advantageous to state those qualities and qualifications that are in close relation with the job or position being targeted by the applicant. Next, the writer must state why the applicant must be chosen among all the others vying for the position. Lastly, be sure to create an ending that leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the reader.

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